Continue your learning – check out our previously recorded webinars below.

Tools for Renewal: A Resilience-Building Workshop

(1 hour and 24 minutes)

Adoptive, guardianship, and foster parents and caregivers are invited to this webinar to learn tools to use when you are feeling depleted and overwhelmed throughout your day. Elizabeth Lewis is a motivational speaker, personal development coach, grief support specialist and spiritual counselor.

You're Not My Real Mom! & Other Parenting Conversations

(65 minutes)

Being approachable and receptive to your adoptee’s experience of their own adoptedness is vital for their well-being. Join us for this engaging webinar with Lori Holden and Alicia Ehr Martínez. This one-hour webinar helps you respond with confidence and connection to tricky or awkward situations that WILL come up at some point in your family’s journey – questions not only from your child, but also from family and friends and even strangers, some curious and some downright nosy.

Tips for Transitions with Parent Coach Dana

(1 hour)

Transitions are challenging for many kids. Transitions can be extra challenging for kids who are sensitive, tend to be anxious, are neuro-diverse or have a history of early life trauma or ACEs. If you have a child who struggles with the many transitions that happen each day, then this webinar is for you. Join Parent Coach Dana for a one-hour webinar where you will learn learn tools to stop the power struggles and meltdowns that happen at those tricky transition times.

Parenting with Intention

(1 hour)

In this practical workshop you will:

• Discover your values, set intentions, and learn how this may help in your parenting challenges

• Explore the parent-over, under and with paradigms and become clear on how you want to approach parenting

• Practice some peaceful communication strategies to use in all relationships

Parent Detectives with Parent Coach Dana

(40 minutes)

Put on your detective hat and grab your notebook for clues! As parents, when we’re baffled by challenging behaviors in our kids, it can elicit many different feelings in us (perhaps anger, frustration, hopelessness, confusion or disgust come to mind). In this 40-minute recorded webinar, we will train our CURIOSITY about those behaviors and learn tools to help build future resilience in our kids.

Creating Healthy Sleep Patterns in Children

(46 minutes)

A recorded webinar for adoptive and guardianship parents and professionals. Jen Bluske will discuss developmental, relational and environmental factors that support healthy sleep patterns in children. Using this framework, she will discuss strategies to not only help your child fall asleep, but have lifelong sleep hygiene skills. We will help develop individualized strategies for each families sleep arrangement preferences.

Strategies to Enjoy the Teen Years

(60 minutes)

Adoptive, guardianship, kinship, foster parents as well as relative caregivers of teens are invited to attend this one hour webinar. You will learn strategies about how to effectively communicate with your teen(s). You will also learn strategies about parental self-love and self-care.

Ambiguous Loss

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

WISAPSP parents and professionals…plan on joining us for this fantastic webinar on Ambiguous Loss. Ambiguous loss is a framework for understanding any loss or grief that doesn’t involve death. It is one of the invisible wounds foster, kinship, and adoptive families are affected by daily. In this 1.5-hour training, you will understand ambiguous loss, why it matters, how it impacts your family, and simple, practical skills you can implement right away to support the children you love through this psychological pain.

Interview with an Author: Fred Nicora - Forbidden Roots

(1 hour)

Fred Nicora, gripping and engaging author, shares insights to his new book “Forbidden Roots, A Memoir of Late Discovery Adoption.” In October 2000, at the age of 41, Fred Nicora’s foundation was swept away by the slip of a tongue at a family gathering of about 250 extended family members, after his parents had died. This blunder ultimately led Nicora to the discovery that the family he had always known was not his biologically—and he was the only one who did not know. After six years of relentless searching, Fred was finally able to find some level of resolution as documented in his book.