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Race, Difference & Communication in Adoptive Families

Dr. Sara Docan-Morgan, Professor of Communication Studies and Chair of the Ethnic and Racial Studies Department at University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, will share her research on adoptive family communication about race and difference, and birth family reunions. Dr. Docan-Morgan’s work has been published in Adoption Quarterly, the Journal of Family Communication, the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and the Journal of Korean Adoption Studies, among others. (75 minutes)

This pre-recorded webinar will remain available until 8/24/2021.

Adoption and Addiction

Drawing from research, as well as using his own professional and personal experience, David B. Bohl will offer a discussion on the link between adoption and substance use disorder.

Domestic Violence and Its Effects on Children

This webinar will be conducted by Michaela Polewski, Prevention Coordinator with Golden House in Green Bay, WI. Michaela will talk about domestic violence, it’s prevalence in the age of COVID-19 and the overall effect that domestic violence has on children. Michaela will also go over how Golden House interacts with child specific agencies such as schools and child protective services as well as what it’s like to live in a communal shelter as a child. Personal experience along with national and statewide facts and statistics will inform the viewer throughout the presentation.

Navigating the Teen Years as an Adoptive Parent: Part 1

This webinar is Part One of a three part series on Navigating the Teen Years as an Adoptive Parent. This webinar will focus on identity, independence, big emotions and developmental trauma, and anticipating shifts in your adopted adolescent.

Navigating the Teen Years as an Adoptive Parent: Part 2

This webinar is Part Two of a three part series on Navigating the Teen Years as an Adoptive Parent. This webinar will focus on strategies for staying a “Safe Haven Parent” as your adopted teen tests your rules and relationship.

Navigating Birthparent Relationships with Self Compassion

Maintaining contact and having a healthy relationship with birth families is important, but can be tough. This training will focus on understanding the grief and loss cycle as a new perspective on challenges in birth parent relationships. Skills for improving your capacity for self-compassion will be offered as a strategy to improve your communication and relationship with birth family members. Please consider attending this valuable webinar and learn how to exercise self-care while strengthening your family relationships and creating healthy connections!

Creating Healthy Sleep Patterns in Children

A recorded webinar for adoptive and guardianship parents and professionals. Jen Bluske will discuss developmental, relational and environmental factors that support healthy sleep patterns in children. Using this framework, she will discuss strategies to not only help your child fall asleep, but have lifelong sleep hygiene skills. We will help develop individualized strategies for each families sleep arrangement preferences.

Navigating the Teen Years as an Adoptive Parent-Part 3

This webinar is Part Three of a three part series on Navigating the Teen Years as an Adoptive Parent. This webinar will focus on launching your older teen who is both so ready and not at all: strategies, resources, grief emotions, and re-formatting your parent job description.

A Place In My Heart-Parenting From Fear to Love

Based on his best-selling adoption and foster care book, this presentation gives an overview of the The Stress Model Theory and explains how it can be applied to the most severe behaviors. After providing a thorough body-mind explanation for how stress and trauma impact behavior, Bryan will give specific techniques and how to deal with problem behaviors. Bryan Post, an adopted and former foster child, is one of America’s Foremost Child Behavior and Adoption Experts and founder of the Post Institute.

Video Games Reimagined; How to Enter Their Virtual World

In this webinar, Tyler Secor, MS, LPC-IT will explore the experience of video gaming, how to identify which games are appropriate, how much is appropriate, video game violence and addiction, and potential therapeutic benefits of video gaming for children of various backgrounds and experienced trauma. He offers additional resources for families including scientific researchers, books, organizations, videos, and resources for parents to identify appropriate games and details of content within.